Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Staten Island Middle School Students Learn to Be Red Cross Ready

The American Red Cross trained approximately 700 7th and 8th graders ages 12 to 14 to be Red Cross Ready May 8 at IS 75 in Staten Island.

The four, 40-minute-long, interactive sessions were sponsored by Staten Island Assembly Member Joseph Borelli. “With hurricane season making its approach, and with Superstorm Sandy still fresh in our minds, it is imperative to educate our youth about the importance of being prepared in the face of disaster,” Borelli said. “An individual who is well educated and well prepared will be better able to protect themselves, and their loved ones as well.”

The presenter had each group of children act out various hazards and what they would do in response. The audience guessed which hazard was being acted out, i.e., a tornado, a hurricane, a flood, a fire, extreme cold, etc. Each participant took home Red Cross preparedness pamphlets to share with their families.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Red Cross Youth Campaign for Humanitarian Law

International Humanitarian Law (IHL) establishes guidelines that seek to protect civilians and regulate the methods of warfare. The Red Cross is rooted in these principles. Today one aspect of the American Red Cross mission is to disseminate these concepts.

In New York City, the American Red Cross promotes the values of the IHL through our work with Red Cross Youth Clubs.

As a way to bring the concepts of IHL to life, Red Cross youth clubs from across the country have been developing IHL Action Campaigns—projects that showcase how those around the world can maintain human dignity in times of conflict.

Here in Greater NY, Red Cross Youth Clubs from several local schools—Townsend Harris High School, Horace Mann High School, Brooklyn Technical High School, Bayside High School and St. Joseph’s College—developed such campaigns and will present them at the Annual Greater NY Red Cross Youth Summit on May 9, 2014.

Below are a selection of some of the projects.

Bayside High School:

Townsend Harris High School:

St. Joseph’s College:

Brooklyn Tech:

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Look Back at Red Cross Response to Severe Weather Outbreak

Last week, powerful storms left a devastating path of damage and despair from the Great Plains to the Gulf Coast and across the East Coast. As soon as the storms passed, the American Red Cross was on the ground, providing comfort and hope to thousands of people whose lives were turned upside down in just moments.

Today, nearly a thousand trained Red Cross workers are providing shelter, food, relief supplies, health services, emotional support and other assistance to those in need across 12 states. Dozens of Red Cross emergency vehicles are handing out meals, snacks and relief supplies in the hardest hit communities as road conditions permit.

Here in New York City, after near-record flooding, neighborhoods in Queens and Brooklyn found themselves under several feet of water. The devastation included lost possessions as well as the destruction of entire basement homes. Red Cross teams sprang into action to help families clean up and recover. They canvased hundreds of homes, handed out more than 500 clean-up items and provided over a dozen residents with emergency housing. They will continue to help as long as they are needed.

Learn more about the Red Cross spring tornadoes and flooding response.