Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Greater NY Red Cross AmeriCorps Member Heads to Oklahoma

Yesterday afternoon, Greater NY Red Cross AmeriCorps member and Scarsdale, N.Y. resident Frances Lee, deployed to Oklahoma City. She will join hundreds of Red Cross volunteers from all over the country responding to the devastating storms that tore through areas in and around the city over the past week and a half. Frances is one of nearly forty Greater New York Red Cross staff members to assist with this response to date.

During her two-week deployment, Frances will be part of the Community Partnership team, helping the Red Cross coordinate with other organizations on the ground in Oklahoma in order to serve residents in need. This will be her first major response outside of our region.

Frances joined the Red Cross as an AmeriCorps volunteer in October of last year. Over these past eight months, Frances has split her time between responding to “everyday” disasters (such as fires and vacates) and assisting with the Red Cross Superstorm Sandy response.

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