Tuesday, February 3, 2015

In Case You Missed It - Feb 3

Red Cross Volunteer Bob Cowart providing warmth and comfort to a child during a
fire response in the Bronx. (Photo: Anastasia Hannah)
Over the last 7 days, the Greater New York Red Cross provided emergency assistance to 113 adults and 36 children following 46 local disasters. Here are some highlights of responses and activities from last week and a preview of the week ahead: 

Last Week in Review
Red Cross Volunteers Brian Gerber, Luz Hermida, Veronica Avila & Nanci Banninger providing hot beverages, snacks & warm smiles at the scene of Williamsburg warehouse fire. (Photo: Caroline Sherwin)
Upcoming Events
  • Feb 3: Red Cross will be distributing volunteering information at an HSBC volunteer fair.
  • Feb 4: LI Red Cross CEO John Miller will take part in an HIA-LI event entitled, "Helping build more resilient communities on Long Island."
  • Feb 5: Red Cross Pet Therapy, Blood, and Keller Hospital volunteers will be recognized by West Point staff at the quarterly Black and Gold Volunteer Awards recognition ceremony.
  • Feb 5: Red Cross will be distributing volunteering information at a Blackrock Volunteer Fair. 

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