Friday, June 17, 2011

Sixth Grader Makes Bracelets for Japan

Jack Breiman (left) and his family
By Aabye-Gayle Favilla

For over a year, Jack Breiman had been making bracelets out of bottle tops and elastic, selling them, and donating part of the proceeds to various charities. He got the idea from a similar bracelet his cousin showed him. Jack was inspired to take the bracelet apart to figure out how it was made, and then came up with his own unique design. He’s been making bottle top bracelets ever since.

When Jack’s sixth grade class started learning about the devastation in Japan following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, he was touched. Hearing how many people were risking their lives to help, Jack felt compelled to contribute. He wanted to raise money for Japan.

Jack decided to start selling his bottle top bracelets on behalf of outreach efforts in Japan. He sold the bracelets at a coffee shop in his town of Mahopac, New York, and at a local dentist’s office. With the bracelets appealing to both boys and girls equally, he was able to sell more than 150, after which he made a $350 a donation to the Red Cross.

In recognition of Jack’s contribution, the Metro NY Red Cross presented him with a certificate of appreciation.

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