Thursday, July 14, 2016

5 Red Cross Tips for Staying Safe While Playing Pokemon Go

Since the much-anticipated release of Pokemon Go less than a week ago, you can find would-be trainers on nearly every corner of NYC, capturing wild Pokemon and battling at local “gyms”. The game is a major hit around the world as well, attracting millions of fans to “catch ‘em all” in the latest version of this popular game series. But the excitement behind the mobile game has also revealed a few risks players face while pursuing rare Pokemon. Here at the Red Cross, safety is very important to us, so we wanted to share a few tips for Master Trainers to stay safe while playing their favorite new mobile game.

1. Get a Portable Battery Charger and make a Pokemon Go Kit

Many trainers have probably noticed that playing Pokemon Go can quickly drain your smartphone’s battery. So pick up a portable battery charger to get you through long gameplay sessions, and while you’re at it stock up on other preparedness supplies like a flashlight and first aid kit to create a Pokemon Preparedness Go Kit which will keep you ready for any adventure or emergency.

2. Enable Battery Saver Mode and Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

One of the potential pitfalls to how much fun people are having playing Pokemon Go are the real-world accidents the game can cause. To minimize risks, you don't have to constantly look down at your screen while playing. Avoid incoming buses and other hazards by enabling the Battery Saver option under the Settings menu so when you hold your phone upside down by your side, the screen will dim. Not only will you save valuable battery life, but your phone will still vibrate to alert you of any new Pokemon that have popped-up nearby, so you don’t have to worry about missing Pikachu while you walk.

3. Travel in Groups

In addition to injuries, there are some safety concerns that have arisen while playing. When playing in the evening or traveling to locations that you aren't familiar with, please use the buddy system and travel in groups to minimize your risk of falling victim to any nefarious plans of Team Rocket. Besides, it’s way more fun to play Pokemon with friends!

4. Stay Hydrated

Pokemon Go’s much anticipated launch started in the middle of a hot summer season. Going out and meeting other trainers in parks and public spaces is great, but make sure you stay hydrated and learn the signs of a potential heat-stroke. Not only will it help you keep hydrated, but it might help you catch a few more water-type Pokemon.

5. Download First Aid and Emergency Apps

By heeding the advice of this guide, hopefully you'll avoid emergencies. But accidents can still happen and maybe someone less prepared might need your help. Download the Red Cross’ First Aid and Emergency Apps to become a real-life hero who knows what to to do during an emergency. You'll also be alerted of flash flooding or tornadoes to avoid beyond those created during your Pokemon battles.

Using these safety tips, you should become a Master Trainer in no time. We hope you’ll have fun trapping and training all the Pokemon you can catch!

Bonus Tip: Greater NY Red Cross headquarters is also a Poke Stop! Stop by for a Blood Drive or First Aid and CPR Class and collect some Pokeballs and Potions while you're at it!


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