Friday, August 4, 2017

These Red Cross Programs Will Help You Survive Sharknado 5

Since 2013, one of the biggest concerns for the U.S. has become the Sharknado. These menacing tornadoes lift man-eating sharks from the water into the sky and toss them into the streets of various cities. After creating havoc in Los Angeles, New York, D.C., Florida, and Las Vegas, the upcoming Sharknado will have a global effect, beginning August 6. It is predicted that multiple Sharknadoes will strike in cities all around the world. Officials have stated that no country is safe from this ‘global swarming.’

The Red Cross is an organization largely known for the assistance they provide during and after large disasters, but the Red Cross also promotes and encourages disaster preparedness, so residents can be more physically and mentally equipped to handle these emergencies. Here are five Red Cross programs that will help you become a Sharknado hero like Fin Shepard and friends.

Home Fire Campaign
If you are a someone who has who has taken advantage of our Home Fire Campaign, you already have some training that can help you survive a Sharknado. The Home Fire Campaign was created in an effort to reduce injury and loss of life due to home fires through the installation of free smoke alarms and fire safety education provided by trained Red Cross volunteers.

As part of the fire safety education, it is suggested that residents create a fire escape plan. Similarly, in case of a Sharknado, a shark escape plan is necessary.

To learn more about creating fire escape plans, read this list of tips developed by the Red Cross.

The Pillowcase Project
Children are a critical component of disaster preparedness. With The Pillowcase Project, children learn how to prepare for natural disasters, like Sharknadoes, through an interactive presentation with trained Red Crossers. Afterward, they receive a pillowcase that they can decorate and use to create their own personal emergency supply kits.

Refer to last year’s Sharknado survival guide for a list of essentials you need to build your own emergency Sharknado kit.

Red Cross Training and Classes
Receiving Sharknado preparedness education has never been easier than with the Red Cross’s Citizen Preparedness Corps. This free course will provide basic information about common disasters and provide ways to prepare, respond, and recover from them. Register today to learn what to do when a Sharknado strikes in your neighborhood.

Taking a first aid class through the Red Cross might also be a good idea in case you or a loved one cannot seek immediate treatment for a shark bite or other Sharknado-related injuries. The information you learn in this class can be useful in everyday life long after the Sharknado leaves your neighborhood.

Blood Services
The American Red Cross strives to ensure that every person in need of blood has their needs met. For obvious reasons Sharknadoes can increase demand for blood.

However, the Red Cross is currently facing a critical blood shortage and is issuing an emergency call for eligible blood and platelet donors of all blood types to give now and help save lives. Before the Sharknado arrives, find a local blood drive to help the Red Cross maintain sufficient blood supply.

Emergency Services
If your home is destroyed or you have to evacuate your home during the upcoming Sharknado, you can find refuge at a local Red Cross shelter. The shelters will also provide food, water and physical and mental health services. In addition, Red Cross volunteers can help locate family members separated during the shark disaster.

To find a nearby Red Cross shelter, iPhone and Android owners can download the Red Cross Emergency app.

A large percentage of the programs and services provided by the Red Cross are led and conducted by volunteers. They are an important part of our mission and our disaster response. If you would like to get more involved and help those in need in your community during the Sharknado, you can apply to become a Red Cross volunteer.

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