Tuesday, June 20, 2023

In Case You Missed It

Volunteers at The Red Cross Paws for Kids Event
Over the last seven days, the Greater New York Red Cross has provided emergency assistance to 442 adults and 124 children following 57 local disasters. Here are some highlights from last week and a preview of upcoming activities. (See below)

Last Week in Review
  • On Tuesday, our volunteers from Hudson Valley Paws for Cause and their furry friends joined us at West Point Military Academy for our The Red Cross Paws For Kids Event
  • On Wednesday, News 12 reported the NYC Disaster Action Team assisted over 100 people after a Wakefield apartment fire. 
  • June is National #PetPreparednessMonth. The Red Cross Pet Safety mobile app can help you discover how to include your pet in your emergency plan. 
  • We celebrated international #WorldDonorDay on Thursday! Thank you to all our blood donors for your life-saving donations. Sign up to be a blood donor today! 
  • Thursday morning, ABC 7 and News 12 reported the Greater NY Disaster Action Team assisted multiple families after a fire spread through a multi-family apartment building in Brooklyn.
  • Regional Senior Director John Waldman visited Rockland County and our partner Assemblyman Ken Zabrowski on Thursday. We are deeply appreciative of Assemblyman Zabrowski's support and desire to bring our lifesaving program to his constituents. 
  • Blood Donation Spotlight: Originally from Illinois, Cadet Stephen Peters is a first-year at the US Military Academy Prep School at West Point, giving blood at every opportunity. 

Upcoming Events and Activities
  • June 22: Join us for a Virtual Volunteer Information Session-- Spend your summer helping others! Click here for more information! 
  • June 22: Sign up today to donate blood at the Do it for Jason blood drive. Jason’s family hosts this blood drive to honor his memory and continue his mission of selfless generosity. Visit this link and enter the sponsor keyword: Jason. 
  • June 28: Join the International Services team for Indiana Jones and the Law of War: a discussion of International Humanitarian Law. RSVP here
  • NYC Civic Corps is accepting applications for an open AmeriCorps position. View the position details here.
  • Become a Donor Center Phlebotomist at the Jill and John Coyle Blood Donor Center in Greenwich, CT. Click here to apply! 

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