Monday, July 15, 2013

In Memoriam: Cristina Carbonell, Devoted Volunteer

The Greater New York Region mourns the passing of long-time Red Cross volunteer Cristina Carbonell July 6.

Since she began volunteering in 1996 for what was then the Greater New York chapter, Cristina, who recently retired from her job as a document translator at the UN, contributed greatly to almost every aspect of Red Cross work.

As a member of the Queens DAT, she responded to hundreds, if not thousands, of incidents over the years, providing comfort and a helping hand to those affected by disaster. She excelled as a Spanish presenter at outreach preparedness events; she also helped translate outreach materials into Spanish.

Cristina was present at every single 9/11 and aviation memorial since 2001. What’s more she volunteered as a marathon spotter and was a ubiquitous presence at Greater New York fundraisers in New York City, including the annual Ball.

 In honor of her years on the Friday night Disaster Action Team, the Greater New York Red Cross held a memorial for Cristina July 12 at regional headquarters in Manhattan. At the memorial, Red Crossers shared remembrances about Cristina with each other and with three of her family members in attendance.

“She had incredible spark and incredible spirit that came through immediately,” said Josh Lockwood, CEO of the Greater NY Region. “I think she embodied the best of all of our Red Cross volunteers; that sense of selflessness. I hope all of us will carry that with us as part of her legacy.”

“The warmth in her words and her emails were incredible, and I’m sorry we lost her so soon. I hope her legacy lives on,” said Mario Fontenla, Red Cross volunteer.

“She had so much energy for the work of the Red Cross. She made us better,” said Joanne Galardy, Greater New York regional staffing/training manager.

Cristina will be very much missed.

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