Thursday, November 21, 2013

IHL Action Campaign Training—Raid Cross

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Seven college students from Columbia and Fordham Universities played the roles of civilians, soldiers, prisoners of war and humanitarian workers during this year’s Raid Cross event, held November 16 at Greater New York Red Cross regional headquarters in Manhattan.

Raid Cross is a role-playing simulation activity that helps students ages 14 to- 21 to understand basic rules of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), which protects human life and dignity during times of war. Role-playing helps participants see conflict situations from different perspectives.

Each participant in last week’s event is an IHL Action Campaign team leader who will work with a group of Red Cross high school volunteers during the Spring semester. The students will create an action campaign both within their schools and in their surrounding communities to spread awareness about the rules of war.

“This year’s cohort of IHL Team Leaders is especially impressive,” said Amanda Crabbe, Greater New York regional manager, Youth Services. “They are passionate and committed to the program. I know that when paired with the Red Cross High School Club members, they will come up with creative action campaigns. I cannot wait to see the end results!”

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  1. Great initiative to spread knowledge and awareness of humanitarian law and how it is put into practice.


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