Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Red Cross Volunteers Support Typhoon Haiyan Relief Effort in Greater NY

Red Cross volunteer Felicity von Sück is helping staff the Greater NY Red Cross Call Center at regional headquarters in Manhattan.

New Yorkers trying to locate loved ones in the Philippines as well as those coping with the emotional trauma caused by the storm, can phone the call center at 1-877-REDCROSS (877-733-2767) for assistance.

“I’m here to be as helpful as I can to the people of the Philippines who can’t get in touch with each other,” Felicity said. “Hopefully I can help make things a little better.”

David Narvaez (below), another Red Cross volunteer helping out in the Call Center, said, “I’m from the New York area and I want to make an impression on the Philippine people that we’re with them, in this crisis. My wife is from the Philippines so I have an added interest in helping people.” 

Canvassing in Woodside, Queens

Sean Mckee (above, right) and Kanhong Lin (above, left) are both emergency responders for the NPRC AmeriCorps program at the Red Cross with Sean Murphy (back left) and Tyrell Tomlinson (back right). They spent part of Tues., Nov. 13, in Woodside, Queens, canvasing in Woodside, Queens, to let the Filipino community know about Red Cross tracing services available to those who are unable to reach loved ones after Typhoon Haiyan.

Sean said, “When we told people ‘We’re here for a way to get in contact with your loved ones,’ people immediately lit up and said they wanted to know more.”

Kanhong Lin added, “It’s good for the Red Cross to be out in the community and show interest and say, ‘We know you have family back home and we want to work with you.’”

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