Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fun in the Sun: Water Safety and CPR Tips with Good Day New York

By Caroline Hroncich

Now that summer’s here, everyone wants to spend some time cooling off in the pool. But what would you do if that relaxing day were to take a turn for the worst? That’s exactly what Fox 5's Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly asked American Red Cross representatives Diana Price and Lipica Shah on a June 27 segment of Good Day New York. Amidst a lot of laughter, some important tips were shared about how to stay safe this summer, and possibly save a life. Click here to watch the segment.

Following the segment, we asked Diana Price, Red Cross aquatics specialist, a few more questions about water safety, CPR and her experience on the "set" of Good Day New York

What are some helpful tips people need to know about how to stay safe in and around the water this summer?
Diana: The most important thing is to swim in a supervised area. It’s also important for parents to keep a close eye on their children, whether there is a lifeguard present or not. Make sure you have safety equipment and a phone around your home pool. When the pool is not being used keep fences up, and have alarms to notify you if someone falls in. Another good tip is to remove any items that would be attractive to a young child, like a toy, from the pool. So the child doesn't accidentally fall in the water. Vigilance is the most important thing.

How can someone become CPR certified?
Diana: Take an American Red Cross class. People can go to, put in a zip code and find classes in their area.

If someone’s not CPR-certified, what can they do to help in a situation where someone is unconscious or not breathing?
Diana: If someone not breathing, even if you are CPR-certified, the first thing to do is to call 911 to get help to you as quickly as possible. If someone is not CPR certified, they can do the ‘hands-only compressions’ that Lipica talks about in the clip. But the most important thing is to call 911, and get advanced care as quickly as possible. The most important equipment you can have near any kind of water is always a phone, so if you need to call 911 you can easily do that.

What was the best part about taking part in the Good Day New York water safety segment?
Being given the opportunity to explain water competency. It’s such an important skill; it’s not just about being able to jump in the water, you have to be able to jump in the pool, bring yourself up to the surface, tread water, float on your back and swim at least 25 yards. That’s how you know that you’re water competent. And remember, even though you may be deep water safe, you should still never swim in an unsupervised area. 

Thanks to Diana and Lipica for their excellent work on this segment. For more information about CPR training or tips on how to stay safe this summer, visit us online.

L to R: Diana Price and Lipica Shah


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