Friday, October 28, 2016

Six-Alarm Fire on the Upper East Side

The fire had set all five stories ablaze

In the early hours of Thursday morning, American Red Cross volunteers rushed to the scene of a 6-alarm fire at 324 E 93rd Street in Manhattan. Because the entire five-story building became engulfed in flames, it had begun to spread to the neighboring apartment buildings. Luckily firefighters were able to control the blaze enough to keep the other buildings intact.

Nine Red Cross employees and volunteers were on the scene to meet with the residents and address their immediate needs. The fire was so severe that all families residing in the building were in need of emergency services that the Red Cross provided. This included bringing an MTA bus to the scene to give residents a heated area while firefighters tackled the flames.

The Red Cross also provided snacks, referrals, and emotional support to all of those who suffered the loss of their home. Nine of the families were in need of housing assistance, so responders were able to give them the necessary means to stay in nearby hotels.

The Red Cross will be following up with the residents to check in on their road to recovery.   

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