Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Volunteer Profile: Jennifer Pearsall Helps 'Sound the Alarm' to #EndHomeFires

by Stan Frank, American Red Cross in Greater NY

Jennifer Pearsall is the lead training volunteer.
Over these past few weeks, the American Red Cross initiated its most ambitious national fire safety campaign ever: Sound the Alarm. Save a Life. This initiative took place between April 28 and May 13, 2018. During this time, Red Cross volunteers and partners installed, free of charge, more than 100,000 smoke alarms in high-risk neighborhoods throughout the country.

We recently chatted with a number of Red Cross volunteers to learn about their experiences. Here’s what Jennifer Pearsall said about her volunteering with the Home Fire Campaign: 

What motivated you initially to become a Red Cross volunteer with the Home Fire Campaign?

I loved the Home Fire Prevention Campaign because it is a “hand up” program and not just a “hand out” program. Most importantly, in addition to installing alarms, we educate and inform people. We teach them skills that may save lives while we serve and improve our communities.

What kind of volunteering have you done with the Home Fire Campaign?

In the Greater New York Region, I am the volunteer training ead for the "Sound the Alarm' program. I’ve also helped with staffing, been a team lead, gone out as an educator, documenter, and installer. Back home (American Red Cross serving Oklahoma and Arkansas) I was the Pillowcase Project Lead and helped educate over 30,000 kids in a year and provided feedback for what is now the current version of the program.

Can you give an example of a satisfying experience you had while volunteering with the Home Fire Campaign?

Honestly? The Red Cross has really connected me to my community and my fellow volunteers and staff. I started in Greater New York as soon as I could. I moved here knowing not a soul and having never even visited this state! The Red Cross provided me with the opportunity to be a part of what is now my community.

What would you say to someone thinking of volunteering with the Home Fire Campaign?

If you like the mission, then there is a spot for you. We offer opportunities in the field working directly with clients, other opportunities behind the scenes in support functions, and additional opportunities in data entry positions. Do you like having a set time to help? Prefer to come in each week? Whatever your activity and time commitment, we have something for everyone.

Thanks Jennifer for sharing your experience! 

Join us this Spring to Sound the Alarm and help #EndHomeFires!

Visit SoundTheAlarm.org or Volunteer Connection (existing Red Cross volunteers) to learn more and sign up today!

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