Monday, February 20, 2023

In Case You Missed It

Mayor Eric Adams presented the Good Samaritan Hero Award to Uber driver Fritz Sam and his family.

Over the last seven days, the Greater New York Red Cross has provided emergency assistance to 135 adults and 81 children following 41 local disasters. Here are some highlights from last week and a preview of upcoming activities. (See below)

Last Week in Review

Upcoming Events and Activities
  • Feb 28: Join us for a FREE information session to learn how you can uncover your Inner Hero by joining our volunteer team. Multiple opportunities, one lifesaving mission!
  • Will you be our Valentine by becoming a Red Cross volunteer? As a Disaster Action Team volunteer, you can make a real difference in someone’s life after a disaster when they desperately need it most. Sign up to make an impact. #ResolveToVolunteer
  • Did you know hospitals request type O blood the most? While the Red Cross needs donors of all blood types, type O+ and O- are especially needed right now. Make your appointment to give now:

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