Monday, May 10, 2010

"Making a difference in someone's life is probably what gives me the most meaning in life."

From the NewCityPatch:
When disaster strikes in Rockland County, there's a good chance Cynthia Conine will be there. That certainly was the case recently when a fire damaged three buildings on Slinn Avenue, in Spring Valley, and left 35 families displaced. Conine, one of about 50 Red Cross volunteers in Rockland County, was there to provide aid and comfort to the victims. She interviewed them and helped them get the food, clothing and shelter they needed.

It's something the 60-year-old New City woman has been doing since shortly after moving to the county from the Philippines in 2002.

"I have seen a lot of disasters and people need people during these times," she said. "I ask myself: 'When disaster strikes, how would it feel to be alone with no help from anyone?' This is enough to keep me with the Red Cross.

"I feel so sorry for these people who have no one else to help them and no one else to turn to."
Conine originally moved to the United States so her three children could go to college and receive a better education.

Like her decision to relocate, her involvement with the Red Cross also has family ties. Her sister, Rose Marie Fajardo, is the assistant director for response for Rockland County.
"In the beginning, I was just going along to keep her company; then she said 'why don't you just volunteer.' "
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