Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine Greeting to Red Cross Volunteer Couples: Sarah & Conrad

by Stan Frank, American Red Cross

If an individual can find great reward in volunteering with the American Red Cross, it stands to reason that a couple can double the reward! That’s exactly what several couples at the American Red Cross in Greater New York have discovered. This Valentine's Day, we celebrate some of their stories.

Conrad and Sarah Meyer

Most Tuesday evenings, Sarah and Conrad Meyer volunteer together 
as Disaster Action Team (DAT) members in the Bronx

Conrad and Sarah Meyer have been married for 36 years and each has their own interests and activities. But at the Greater New York Red Cross, they are one of several couples who work together as volunteers for the Disaster Action Team serving the region.

After retiring from successful careers in financial services, Conrad and Sarah sought to give back by helping others. Conrad has been on the board of the Greater New York Red Cross for more than a dozen years and has been volunteering with Sarah as DAT members for the past five years.

“Bringing shelter, food and clothing to those affected by disasters brings us great personal gratification,” said Conrad. “Working with others on our team whom we respect and consider to be good friends, and seeing first-hand the results of our efforts is the most satisfying work we can do.”

Thank you Sarah and Conrad for all you do for the American Red Cross and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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