Wednesday, May 18, 2011

AmeriCorps Week Volunteer Spotlight: Katherine Lorca

In honor of AmeriCorps Week 2011 we asked our own AmeriCorps members what their Red Cross experience has meant to them. 

My experience as an AmeriCorps VISTA member has been really great! I started at the Metro NY Red Cross in August, and I have already learned and accomplished so much. My main function at the Red Cross is recruitment. I review volunteer applications, interview volunteers, and train volunteers and employees at different workshops. Being part of the recruitment team allowed me the opportunity to help develop the new online on-boarding model. This was a great experience, because I helped build something from scratch that has turned out to be successful so far.

One experience I can truly say embodies being an AmeriCorps member is that I have managed 25 volunteers in the past 9 months and retained them in the organization. Through engagement and recognition I have also been able to increase the number of volunteers as well as retain them in the Red Cross. My main goal coming in to the Red Cross was to build a foundation of volunteers who are dedicated and qualified to do their jobs. I feel that with the new on-boarding model I have been able to accomplish that and so much more.

–Katherine Lorca, AmeriCorps VISTA

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