Friday, May 20, 2011

AmeriCorps Week Volunteer Spotlight: Carmin Y. Sandoval

In honor of AmeriCorps Week 2011 we asked our own AmeriCorps members what their Red Cross experience has meant to them.

"I am the Red Cross Community Outreach Coordinator for the Bronx. This means I work directly with other nonprofits and government organizations to provide emergency preparedness events for adults, as well as Health & Safety programming for children. Since my position involves much direct connection with the community it is difficult to choose one experience. However, if I were to pinpoint one thing it would be the gratitude shown by the people I visit.

Many of the organizations I visit are not often offered or partake in preparedness programming because of their socio-economic status. On the flip-side, in this position I can extend the Red Cross’s programming reach and educate many people in preparedness, as well as increase community morale.

An example, I have presented the Ready New York preparedness program bilingually, in Spanish and English, in many communities. After many presentations I have had people thank me for presenting the information in their native tongue. In many of the evaluations I receive, the most frequent remark I see is thank you for “remembering us” or “concerning yourself with us.” It is the remarks of people who appreciate, if only for a short time, being showered with real attention and concern."

–Carmin Y. Sandoval, AmeriCorps State

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