Monday, August 4, 2014

In Case You Missed It

In the last week the Greater New York Red Cross provided emergency relief in the form of shelter, food, clothing, health services and/or emotional support to 104 New Yorkers impacted by 44 local disasters in our region. Here is a upcoming Yankees event and some highlights from the last week.
Upcoming Event
Last Week in Review
  • Our Metro New York North logistics team met on Saturday to develop future disaster team leaders. The program included disaster training and simulations to prepare logistics team members to provide high-quality assistance in times of emergency. See photos at the Metro NY North Facebook page.
  • On August 1, regional staff members enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the all-staff BBQ with some delicious burgers prepared by the Greater New York management team. (Photo above)
  • The Red Cross assisted residents affected by a 4-alarm fire on Hill Ave in the Bronx on Wednesday. We provided temporary housing to 14 adults and 3 children in addition to financial and emotional support. The Red Cross case managers provided further assistance to those in need.
  • Nearly 40 Red Crossers attended the Metro NY North quarterly regional meeting on Tuesday, hearing updates about Red Cross programs and services from the MNYN and Greater NY teams. 
  • Greater NY CEO Josh Lockwood talked about water safety with the Wall Street Journal. Check out the video, below to see the five essential skills you need to stay safe in the water. 

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