Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Meet Team Red Cross 2022 TCS Marathon Runner

Get to know the runners representing Red Cross in the TCS New York City Marathon and why they chose to join Team Red Cross!

Alexa Liautaud

“I witnessed Red Cross volunteers in action during my time reporting on Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Harvey. The Red Cross is often the first to arrive to the frontlines and also the last to leave, well after public attention has moved on. I am running to fundraise for Red Cross's relief efforts, which provide a lifeline to individuals and families in their time of greatest need.

While every aspect of Red Cross's mission is imperative, I'm particularly passionate about disaster relief. The ability for the Red Cross to be there - whether its helping asylum seekers get in touch with their families or providing shelter, water and blankets in the wake of a natural disaster - plays a critical role in how humans support one another in an impartial and consistent way.

It's a privilege to be able to run and train for the New York City Marathon. I couldn't be more excited for November 2022.”

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Catherine Blake

“I decided to join the Red Cross team because I support their mission and am inspired by their work with military family members, disaster relief, and blood services. My fiancé and I actively support the Red Cross through several efforts including volunteering, donating, fundraising, and serving on our local Red Cross Board.

I’m particularly passionate about the Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces and Military Family members. I’m inspired by the support the Red Cross provides every day to service members and to the family members of the fallen.

I am training for the marathon by joining a local training group here in Baltimore. This will be my third full marathon after running the Marine Corps and Chicago marathons over the past three years.

Running in the New York City Marathon has been a lifelong dream. I am incredibly grateful and excited to have the opportunity to run the marathon while supporting my favorite charitable organization!”

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Owen Koorbusch

“Without the American Red Cross my father wouldn’t be here today. My father was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma called Sezary Syndrome in March 2015. The average survival rate was 2-4 years from the time of diagnosis.

In order for him to survive Chemotherapy and radiation for a Stem Cell Transplant in 2018, he had to have well over 100 blood transfusions. My mission is to make people more aware of how important blood donations are for people to survive chemo, radiation and other sicknesses.

I am honored to represent American Red Cross in the New York City Marathon, and look forward to challenging myself to run a full marathon and meeting all of those involved.”

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Alex Takata

“So many events in recent years have stressed to me how meaningful and important it is to have a group ready to help people out anytime, anywhere. This is a daunting task, and the Red Cross’s long history of responding quickly when people are most in need is incredibly inspiring.

I am most passionate about the Red Cross’s mission to provide aid to ALL people affected by disaster across the country and around the world – nobody can predict when they’re going to need shelter or a helping hand, and I am proud to be fundraising for an organization that provides it under any circumstances.

I’ve lived in NYC my entire adult life, and the marathon has been an event that I look forward to every year. The community spirit is incredible. While I’m early in my training, the full weight of the distance is already becoming clear to me – I’m even more impressed with all the folks I’ve cheered on in the past! At this point, I’m focusing on making sure my knees hold up for the entire distance.

I’m honored to be able to fundraise for an organization that can make such a difference in critical moments!”

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Ananda Soundhararajan

“I would like to create awareness about giving back to the community especially among my kids and friends. Giving provides the most satisfied feeling. “Being there for the people when they are in need” is what I admire most about the Red Cross.

It is my privilege and honor to represent the Red Cross in the TCS NY Marathon. I feel valued to be part of Red Cross family.”

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