Thursday, August 9, 2012

AECOM and the American Red Cross Partner for Historic Blood Drive at Grand Central Terminal

NYC commuters are rolling up their sleeves to help save lives today at a blood drive being held from 8 am to 6 pm at in Vanderbilt Hall at New York’s historic Grand Central Terminal on E. 42nd Street.
With a history spanning the better part of a century, Grand Central Terminal has long stood as a symbol of the promise that entry into New York City holds. Likewise, the American Red Cross has long served as a symbol of hope and humanitarian aid to those in need.
The blood drive is being hosted by AECOM, a provider of professional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water and government.

“AECOM and our employees have a long-standing history of partnering with, and supporting, the Red Cross,” said AECOM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John M. Dionisio. “We are delighted to sponsor such an important event for the New York City metro area.”

The blood drive comes at a crucial time for the Red Cross, as summer months can take a toll on the blood supply, with high schools and colleges on break and many potential donors pursuing summer activities. Unfortunately, patients don’t get a holiday from needing blood products. The need is constant, and donations must be continual to provide for hospital patients in need. Yet, despite this constant need, only five percent of the eligible population actually donates blood.

Ironman triathlete Brian Boyle was on hand this morning to encourage people to donate. Following a horrific car crash in 2004, the now 26-year-old Boyle would have lost his life had he not received 36 pints of blood from the Red Cross. Due to Brian's determination and physical conditioning, Brian gradually progressed from a coma to a wheelchair, eventually competing in the Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii and most recently the Boston Marathon. Brian says he represents the many blood recipients whose lives have been saved in part due to Red Cross blood donors.

“One hour of someone’s time today can save three lives,” he said. “I’m proof of that. Please come down to Grand Central Terminal and donate.”

“Blood must be on hand when it’s needed to help save a life, whether it be a young mother who needs blood during a difficult childbirth, a friend or family member needing blood during cancer treatments or the victim of a traumatic injury who needs several units of blood in the emergency room,” said Donna M. Morrissey, Director, Communications, American Red Cross Blood Services – Northeast Division. “We are so pleased to work with AECOM to bring a historic opportunity to those who live or work in New York City to donate blood and experience giving the gift of life.”

Commuters and other New Yorkers are urged to stop by Grand Central Terminal and donate blood today!

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