Tuesday, December 18, 2012

California Elementary School Class Salutes Sandy Heroes

The fifth grade class of Kingsley Elementary School in Pomona, Calif., made packets for Red Cross volunteers, firefighters, and police officers helping with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

The packet is called a “Tool Kit for A Hero” and is made up of the following items, along with a note explaining their significance:

Mint – You are with a mint and for your commit “ment” to help all of us.

Rubber Band – To help you come back after you’ve been stretched thin.

Pennies – For the wonderful “change” you have made in all of our lives.

Tea Bag – for being so “Tea” riffic.

Paper Clip – To help keep it together.

Life Saver – You are a lifesaver and a hero.

Band-Aid – For all the aid you provide and all the healing you have done.

Tootsie Roll – You are a wonderful “roll” model, and for the important roll you plan in our lives.

Gum – You have shown us how to “stick” together and accomplish anything we put our mind to.

Puzzle Piece – You are such an important piece of our picture of America and a picture of a hero.

A Piece of String – So you will have a little more length when you are at the end of your rope.

Smile – So you know we are thinking of you and smiling.

This class has been reading about the relief efforts and wanted to express their appreciation to the Red Cross, firefighters, and police for all of their hard work and dedication.

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