Monday, June 14, 2010

"Mary Beth is a true Red Cross champion."

Retired science-magazine editor Mary Beth Aberlin arrived at the Chapter’s annual “Great Things Every Day Fundraising Breakfast” in 2008 expecting to write a check. What she didn’t expect was how overwhelmed she would be by the personal stories shared by people whose lives had been changed—and even saved—because of the NY Red Cross. She soon offered to volunteer as a writer/editor in the Marketing and Public Relations department to help spread the word “about how the Red Cross helps New Yorkers every day––365 days a year.”

Two years later, Mary Beth has been awarded the Chapter’s Support Services Award for her outstanding work supporting the Marketing and Public Relations team. Like the Red Cross, she is always there to help, and at a minimum, works two full days every week with the Marketing/PR team where she shares her writing and editing skills. Her expertise is put to good use in so many ways, including researching and writing stories for the NY Red Cross Web site that cover every facet of the organization, editing everything from brochures to the complete overhaul of Web site copy that accompanied the Chapter’s relaunch of in September 2009 and creating photo journals based on “ride-alongs” she has done with the disaster response team.

Additionally, she works with the Client Services Group to capture the poignant stories of the people we help every day in Greater New York. She is a major contributor, as both a writer and editor, to the Chapter’s “Changing Lives” storybook, the blog platform for individuals to share stories of how their lives have been touched by the NY Red Cross. Through “Changing Lives,” the public at large is able to gain a deeper understanding of the Chapter’s humanitarian work and the impact it has on all those we touch––clients, donors, students of CPR, First Aid and other courses, volunteers and employees. Mary Beth’s latest challenge involves the development of a NY Red Cross style manual encompassing a set of standards for language use, including grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting that will be used as a reference guide by the Marketing and PR team.

As a tireless advocate for the Chapter, Mary Beth’s passion for the Red Cross goes beyond the borders of the Marketing and Public Relations Department. She continues to attend the annual fundraising breakfast, and brings friends with her so that they can gain a better understanding and appreciation for why the Red Cross is so near and dear to her heart. After participating in a disaster “ride-along” Mary Beth decided to became a mass care worker, and has taken the training necessary to accomplish this goal. “Mary Beth “Red Crosses” New York in so many meaningful ways, and this additional level of volunteer engagement is a true testament to her dedication and commitment to our mission and changing lives in the community,” said Marianne Darlak, Senior Director, Marketing and Public Relations.

“Mary Beth is a true champion of the mission and principles of the Red Cross, both here at the Chapter and in her personal life,” added Anita Salzberg, Senior Coordinator, Marketing and Public Relations. “She is well deserving of this award.”

Mary Beth Aberlin from Brooklyn,NY is the recipient of the 2010 Support Services Award

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