Friday, November 9, 2012

Volunteer Spotlight: Sandi Bednorz

By Gemma Haywood

When Hurricane Sandy hit America’s east coast, creating a storm surge that decimated thousands of homes, Sandi Bednorz knew she had to help.

Hearing an urgent request for Red Cross volunteers, Bednorz responded. This was her first time volunteering with the Red Cross. Alongside other volunteers she undertook disaster response training and has since been working as a Red Cross mass care (feeding) coordinating manager in New York City, as part of the ongoing Red Cross Hurricane Sandy relief operation.

Bednorz moved to Brooklyn, N.Y., from Orlando, Florida, eight months ago. Just before the arrival of the Hurricane, she had quit her job as a corporate event planner. This gave her the flexibility to sign up with the Red Cross to help those affected by Sandy.

Her daily activities include facilitating staff communications, creating organization charts, identifying staff work space, and helping in other areas wherever needed.

“I’ve been here for eight days volunteering thirteen hours a day, and I do it because it’s what you do, you see people in need and you help them,” she said. “Knowing the amount of people we are helping, knowing how many meals the Red Cross kitchens make and it's all volunteer-based is very satisfying."

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